Dodomon b

Dodomon is a Slime Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody whose name is derived from the onomatopoeia for impacts, and as such is a violent Digimon. It's whole body is covered in a tough fur called "Mithril Hair". It manifests an aggresive personality immediately after being born, and despite its fangs not being grown, it opens its mouth wide and completely intimidates the opponent with the manner in which it snaps at them. Because of this, there exist many Digimon which are completely deceived, but it is still a rare digimon. Dodomon is along side with Zack at all times. When a bad digimon no matter what rank comes close he snaps and growls at them. Dodomon is the Fresh rank of Dorumon. When Zack meets Dorumon he is still in his Fresh stage. Dodomon loves Zack and protects him at all costs.


  • Chisana Testu Tsubu (little iron beads). Spits small iron beads from its mouth at the approaching opponent.